Q&A with SSP

We sat down with Dominic Testo, Business Development Manager of Specialty Silicone Products to discuss the importance of gaskets, the sectors they supply and why gaskets have such a vital role in recent technology.

Q: Could you provide an overview of Specialty Silicone Products and its expertise in manufacturing gaskets and seals?

A: SSP is a specialty manufacturer of different types of silicone materials and seals. Our product range is wide, including: Aerospace specified materials, Military specified product, Medical grade, and conductive silicones for EMI/RFI shielding seals. 

Q: What are the main industries you serve?

A: Defense, Aerospace, Medical, and Laboratory consumables (Silicone Septa)

Q: What prompted Speciality Silicone Products to participate in The Gasket & Seals Show?

A: SSP is a strong believer in more focused trade shows. We were incredibly happy to hear a specific show featuring such an important product is available to manufacturers like SSP. We decided to exhibit the day we heard the announcement.

Q: Considering the vital role of gaskets and seals within technology, what message would Specialty Silicone Products like to convey to attendees about the importance of their products?

A: When you really think about it, the most advanced technology in the world would not work without seals and gaskets. airplanes, spacecraft, cars, electric cars, cell phones, GPS, heating and air conditioning systems, plumbing, military communications, military weapons systems, drones, dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and the list goes on and on.

All of these products would not work without seals and gaskets. Any Mechanical Engineer, Design Engineer, Aerospace or Automotive Engineer should come to the show. Purchasing and Procurement people from all of these industries should be there as well.

Q: Given the complexity of technology in recent years, how do Specialty Silicone Products ensure the reliability and performance of their gaskets and seals?

A: SSP is incredibly focused on the quality of our product. We have a full test lab and are one of the few companies that provide a full COA (certificate of analysis) for our products. There are also times when we need third-party testing. This is another group of companies who should consider this show. Rubber test labs, UL test labs, and specialty test labs along with test equipment companies should find this trade show very fruitful.

Q: Can you elaborate on the importance of gaskets and seals in various industries, especially considering their seemingly ‘simple’ nature?

A: Sure, let's start with Aviation. All aircraft you fly on have seals in the engines usually made by GE , Pratt & Whitney, or Rolls-Royce. You will also find seals and gaskets in the fuel tanks, doors, luggage hatches, and landing great enclosures. To take it further there are specialty gaskets and seals protecting the avionics from electrical harm like electromagnetic interferences that could harm or cause issues with electronics on the aircraft.

Another simple but important application may just be a door seal on your car. Driving in a rainstorm is common and you can thank common door seals for keeping you dry.

Q: Finally, could you share any success stories where Specialty Silicone Products' gaskets and seals played a crucial role?

A: We could share hundreds of applications and case studies, but to pick one example I would point towards a recent application for space flight. A NASA drive project required a very challenging spec. This product needed to have EMI shielding properties, low outgassing to a specific ASTM E595 standard, and also a very low temp rating.

SSP was able to design an extremely low-temperature space-grade product that is now specified into a very critical satellite program. We do this type of specialty work day in and day out at SSP and consider our gaskets and seals to be anything but a “simple commodity”.

Want to learn more about Specialty Silicone Products? Meet them at Stand 712 in Amsterdam next March 19 - 20, 2025 

at The Gasket & Seals Show, co-located with Silicone Expo Europe!