Industry News

April 2024

Medical-grade TPVs introduced for molded O-rings, gaskets and diaphragms

Plastics Manufacturer, Teknor Apex Company, have released Medical-grade TPVs (thermoplastic vulcanizates) for molded o-rings, gaskets and diaphragms.

These compounds offer long-term seal integrity at a lower cost compared to thermoset rubber, providing rubber-like elasticity, long-term compression set, and chemical resistance without requiring pre-drying due to being non-hygroscopic.

TwinCAT and PC-based control for waterjet cutting systems

New waterjet cutting innovation, using PC-based control systems by IGEMS.
Utilizing TwinCAT 3 and other components from Beckhoff Automation, IGEMS has optimized control platforms to meet the specific demands of waterjet cutting, such as precise metering of water and abrasive materials.

The flexibility and openness of PC-based control technology allow for seamless integration of additional functions, streamlining processes like calibration and work preparation.

Hutchinson Innovates Fire-Resistant EPDM Rubber for EVs Batteries

Hutchinson latest innovation, 'Fire-Resistant EPDM Rubber for EV Batteries'. This cutting-edge #EPDM material tackles crucial challenges in battery safety, setting a new standard for safety and performance in the EV sector! ????

"This innovative material is specifically engineered for use in battery pack gaskets and seals within the battery cooling circuit, serving the vital function of preventing coolant from infiltrating the battery cells and containing the spread of flames in the event of an emergency. Its versatility extends to applications in electric motor cooling systems and various peripheral battery equipment."

Innovations in Seals and Gaskets Boost Reliability

Discover how cutting-edge designs and materials are conquering the challenges of high temperatures, pressures, and aggressive media in the chemical process industries (#CPI).

From enhanced reliability features in mechanical seals to encapsulated seals resistant to a wide range of chemicals, companies like Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, A.W. Chesterton Company and Vulcan Seals are revolutionizing sealing solutions!